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About Atlantic Container Line

Atlantic Container Line is a shipping company owned by the Grimaldi Group that provides freight services in the North Atlantic region. The American, formerly Swedish, shipping line facilitates container shipments between North America and Europe. Olof Wallenius established the company in 1965 and it has operated as a major shipping line for 57 years. In 2015, the company introduced five roll-on/roll-off cargo ships in the Generation 4 ships, noted for their speed and sustainability. With the G4 series, Atlantic Container Line provides efficient shipping solutions for the North Atlantic.
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Atlantic Container Line Container Tracking and Terminal49

Terminal49 is an innovative platform that allows container tracking for service providers and shipping companies. The platform provides streamlined and automated tracking solutions for ocean freight trade and integrates live updates about container movements and milestones from shipping lines, terminals, and ports.

The platform allows companies to track Atlantic Container Line shipments at various points in the supply chain. Terminal49’s real-time tracking system can update logistics companies with the shipping status of the containers to allow better ocean freight visibility.

Single-Platform Container Tracking Solutions

Terminal49 provides automated tracking solutions with its integrated API and its shipment visibility dashboard. With a single platform, companies can have real-time milestone updates for shipping logistics and track containers from carriers like Atlantic Container Line.

The easy-to-use Dashboard interface and the easy-to-integrate API both allow an increase in efficiency and convenience, depending on the tools a company is already using. Users can reduce time and labor wastage in shipment management. Companies can also forgo demurrage and per diem charges by receiving and acting on updates from Terminal49, which drives down costs.  

Users can track shipments with the Bill of Lading or Booking number across all major carriers globally. The platform can provide information on location status, Estimated Time of Arrival, Estimated Time of Departure, Final Destination, Vessel Information, Port of Lading, and Port of Discharge.

Terminal49 can give you live updates of your shipment’s location and provides notifications about container issues. It makes the container’s supply chain process transparent and easy-to-manage.

The platform speeds up informationtracking and record-keeping and ensures shipping companies and serviceproviders keep tabs on all shipments.

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Terminal49 is one of the largest shipment tracking providers and its integrated API and real-time tracking visibility make it the ideal solution for shipment data visibility and tracking.

Users of Terminal49 get a faster, better solution for shipment tracking that saves time and money. Manage arrivals, location tracking, and Terminal change with a single platform.

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