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About Evergreen (EGLV) Line

Evergreen Line (EGLV) is one of the major shipping lines that contribute to the container trade that exists between Japan and North America. The main ports they use are Yokohama, Kobe, Nagoya, and Tokyo. They have an extensive network that includes North America and Canada, Asia, Europe and Oceania. They have a fleet of 300 vessels with over 100,000 containers used in their transport service. With 240 locations covering more than 80 countries, Evergreen offers a truly global shipping service for cargo owners worldwide.
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Evergreen Line (EGLV) Container Tracking with Terminal49

Terminal49 is the leading provider of container tracking data for all parties throughout the supply chain. We offer cargo owners, freight forwarders, customs brokers, trucking companies, 3PLs and logistics technology providers track & trace data for their containers and shipments by integrating live data from steamship lines and terminals across the logistics ecosystem.

The sophisticated tracking solution by Terminal49 is trusted by businesses around the world for tracking their cargo with Evergreen Line. We allow businesses to track the status and location of their cargo, making their logistics operations more efficient with real-time visibility.

Complete Container Tracking with One Platform

With an easy-to-integrate API and an intuitive dashboard, Terminal49 lets you handle your shipments from Evergreen and other major carriers with a whole new level of convenience, all in one place. Users can access shipment data such as Port of Lading (POL), Port of Discharge (POD), Final Destination (Destination), Vessel Information, and Transshipment Information.

Just enter the Bill of Lading or Booking number, and Terminal49 will show you all the milestone data you need to keep track of where your shipment is moving.

It’s now possible for your business to know when your shipment will leave the port and when it will reach its destination, and everything in between. No guesswork involved!

Terminal49 seamlessly integrates with all major carriers worldwide and is designed to meet your logistics needs. Make sure you never lose track of a shipment and that everything is tracked online, in real-time.

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Terminal49 is an all-in-one shipment and container tracking platform providing standardized shipment and container tracking milestones and visibility data from carriers and terminals.

Streamline and automate your container tracking tasks to save hours of labor, expedite containers, and eliminate unnecessary demurrage and per diem charges with real-time visibility of ETD and ETA changes, direct from steamship lines and US Terminals, with one easy integration.

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