Increase your margins
and your customer satisfaction

With Terminal49, you don't need to make the choice. Drastically reduce your time spent tracking and tracing containers. Discover a faster way to prioritize your day with our email briefings. Give your clients best-in-class visibility into their shipments with a click of the button. Use analytics and insights to increase your efficiency.

Effortlessly track thousands of shipments.

You can start tracking thousands of BOLs or container numbers by uploading a simple spreadsheet. From there, Terminal 49 fetches the rest of the details in real-time and starts tracking those shipments for you, alerting you proactively of changes or updates, saving you hours.

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Save valuable time with automated track & trace.

Stop spending hours a day on steamship lines and port websites, trawling through shipments and reacting to updates. Once you add a shipment, Terminal49 does the trawling for you, tracking changes and raising alerts so you can stay ahead of the game.

Unified dashboard brings priorities into focus.

Your Terminal49 dashboard helps you focus on what matters. A birds-eye-view of your upcoming deliveries. Alerts about containers that need attention. And, your track & trace tools are just one-click away.

Start the day with your personalized email briefing.

Get today's important changes, right in your inbox. Every morning Terminal49 sends you a daily email, covering all the shipments that are arriving in the next three days, along with alerts of any shipments that need attention.

Customer service has never been easier.

We hear you: the number one request you all get is "where is my shipment?" With Terminal49, it only takes a click of a button to email any shipment's current status - along with a personalized message - to your clients.