Avoid surprises and increase your supply chain efficiency.

Terminal49 empowers you to streamline your supply chain with instant access to shipment statuses and ETAs, right down to the SKU level. With real-time notifications of container activity, you'll achieve improved inventory predictability while avoiding tedious data entry or repetitive emails and phone calls.​

Avoid delays. Say goodbye to unexpected fees.

The Shipments view gives you full visibility into all of your shipments and containers. You can quickly find any containers with customs, USDA or steamship line holds and fees and leap into action.

Eliminate expensive demurrage and per-diem charges.

Actionable information at your fingertips allows you to proactively avoid thousands of dollars in fees.

Automated Cargo History.

Terminal49 builds an audit trail of your cargo's history automatically, including time stamps, statuses, and more. This gives you valuable context, and if need be, helps you hold stakeholders accountable.

Stay informed. Effortlessly.

Every morning Terminal49 emails you a personalized briefing, covering all the shipments that are arriving in the next three days, along with alerts of any shipments that need attention.

Personalized dashboard brings priorities into focus.

Your Terminal49 dashboard helps you focus on what matters. A birds-eye-view of your upcoming shipments, alerts about containers that need attention - and your track & trace tools are just one-click away.

Get email notifications of changes.

Stay up to date with changes via web or email. Terminal49 can send you emails as statuses change, or you can opt for consolidated daily notifications to keep your inbox clean.