Work smarter. Plan better.
This is Proactive Ocean Freight Tracking.

Terminal49 helps shippers and logistics professionals stay ahead of the game. By replacing dozens of  track and trace websites with one unified container monitoring platform, Terminal49 alerts you of changes before they become problems.

A single dashboard to streamline your workflow.

Your Terminal49 dashboard helps you focus on what matters. A birds-eye-view of your upcoming shipments, alerts about containers that need attention - and your track & trace tools are just one-click away.

Get immediate notifications of changes.

Stay up to date with changes via web or email. Terminal49 can send you emails as statuses change, or you can opt for consolidated notifications to keep your inbox clean.

Avoid costly delays, holds and fees.

Your unified dashboard lets you quickly find all containers with customs, USDA or steamship line holds and fees — before your containers arrive at the port.

Get started in seconds.

No installing software or endless data entry. Just add your BOLs from almost any steamship line and Terminal49 fetches the rest of the details in real-time directly from Steamship lines and Ports. The system then "watches" those shipments for you, alerting you proactively of changes. Automatically.

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Save valuable time with automated container tracking.

Stop spending hours a day on steamship lines and port websites, trawling through shipments and reacting to updates. Terminal49 does the trawling for you, tracking changes and raising alerts so you can stay ahead of the game.

Know when your containers will be delivered.

See pickup and delivery appointments and download PODs — all without having to email the trucker.

Start the day with your personalized briefing.

The best decisions start with the right information. Every morning Terminal49 sends you a daily email, covering all the shipments that are arriving in the next three days, along with shipment alerts of any shipments that are delayed and need attention.

Get quick answers with Universal Track & Trace.

Someone calls and wants an update on their specific shipment? No problem. Get answers fast with Terminal49's Universal Track & Trace tool, with instant search across any steamship line or port.

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Forecasting just got easier with SKU level visibility.

Terminal49 can track more than containers - we help you track what's in the container, with visibility down to the SKU level. With accurate visibility into inventory ETAs, you're empowered to make better inventory predictions.

Better decisions with enhanced ETA predictions.

Terminal49's tracking tools do more than pull in data from steamship lines — we cross-reference the results against port records and other data sources including GPS ship locations and weather patterns.

Find what you need faster  with Tags.

Tags help you organize your shipments, adding critical context so that you can quickly find the shipments you're looking for. Whether its customs categories,  PO or SKU numbers, business event names, or even priority levels. Tags let you filter through all your shipments to save you time and  streamline your workflow.

Accurate data with a  timestamped audit trail.

When Terminal49 tracks a shipment or container, it automatically builds an audit trail for you, keeping track of status changes, handoffs, terminal status and more.

Integrated with ports and steamship lines.

Terminal49 data comes directly form our custom integrations with all major steamship lines and every port and terminal in the USA, so you can rest assured the data we show you is fresh from the source.

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Your shipment data, anywhere you need it.

Terminal49 can work with you to ensure your shipment data feeds into your IT systems, whether that's a TMS, your corporate ERP, or even a trusty team spreadsheet. We will ensure the data gets to where your team needs it.

Cut down on repetitive emails.

With a click of a button, you can email any shipment's current status to any stakeholder, saving you time.

Carrier performance evaluations just got easier.

How are your carriers working for you? Terminal49 helps to answer that question with hard data, looking at your shipments on-time performance and comparing against historical performance across steamship lines and ports.

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