Technology to Simplify Container Shipping

Track your containers more efficiently, reduce transportation costs, and collaborate with your team. Terminal 49 streamlines your operations so you can focus on your business.

Start Tracking


Take back control of your supply chain with immediate access to tracking and ETAs. With real-time notifications of container activity, you will improve inventory predictability, avoid data entry and strengthen customer satisfaction.​

Service Providers

Increase your margins, by reducing the time spent tracking containers while simultaneously providing unparalleled service to your customers. Use analytics and insights to increase efficiency, and transparency.

Trucking Companies

Eliminate manual checks on containers and communicate with your entire team in one place. Keep your customers informed of pick-up and delivery appointments and provide PODs seamlessly.
Bye-bye countless phone calls and emails.

Manage all your shipments from one place

On Terminal 49, you can track any shipment or container across it's entire journey. Get notified of ETAs and status changes, and quickly resolve any issues.

Instant track and trace

Enter your BL Number from any steamship line and instantly get shipment details, container numbers and vessel ETAs. Add your own reference numbers for internal tracking.

Add your team so they can track the same shipments — no more emailing spreadsheets.

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Reliable vessel ETAs

Terminal 49's technology accurately reports vessel ETA from any steamship line. No more time spent checking multiple websites daily. Our system constantly checks vessel locations and updates each shipment with the current ETA — Plan ahead if shipments get delayed or arrive early.

Immediate notifications of changes

Stay up to date with changes via web or email. Terminal 49 can send you emails as statuses change. Opt for consolidated daily notifications to keep your inbox clean.

Automated container tracking at any terminal

Terminal 49 tracks your containers across all ports and terminals and updates the status continuously.

Stop logging into multiple terminal websites. Use Terminal 49 to monitor the status of all your containers at terminal, including Last Free Day (LFD), holds, and fees.

Know when your containers will be delivered

See pickup and delivery appointments and download PODs — all without having to email the trucker.

Review all holds and fees and avoid costly delays

Find all containers that require action on one powerful dashboard.

See all containers with customs, USDA or steamship line holds and fees — before your containers arrive at the port.

Eliminate expensive demurrage and per-diem charges

Actionable information at your fingertips allows you to proactively avoid thousands of dollars in fees.

Take tracking a step further with SKU-Level Visibility

Just upload your packing lists and Terminal 49 will automatically tag your shipments with your product SKUs. See exactly which SKUs will arrive when — without manual data entry.

Link shipments and SKUs

Upload your packing list and Terminal 49 will tag your shipments and containers with your product SKUs and quantities.

Find shipments by SKU

Want to see which shipments or containers are carrying a specific product? Terminal 49's search lets you instantly find them by a specific SKU or product name.

List ETAs by SKU

Easily see which of your products are arriving when. Terminal 49's powerful products report lets you see all SKUs and their ETAs.