A Better Way to Track Containers

The All-in-One Shipment and Container Tracking Platform.

Streamline and automate your container tracking tasks to save hours of labor, expedite your containers and eliminate unnecessary demurrage and per diem charges.
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Coverage of worldwide container traffic

100 million+

Container milestones tracked since 2020


Uptime Guarantee
“Before Terminal49 we were manually tracking containers in a spreadsheet, one by one. With Terminal49, we can spot issues we just wouldn’t see before — and that means we can expedite cargo with less stress and lower costs.”
Barbie Clarke
Customs Broker, Williams Clarke Company

Tracking API for Container & U.S. Terminal Data

Real-time shipment tracking API for shipments and containers, direct from steamship lines and US Terminals, with one, easy integration.
  • Standardized shipment and container tracking milestones.
  • Real-time ETD and ETA changes.
  • Speedy integration using our modern JSON API.
  • Data to manage last-mile delivery with terminal availability data.
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Shipment Visibility Dashboard

A birds-eye-view of upcoming shipments, alerts on containers that need attention, and a universal track and trace search that works across all major carriers, at once.
  • Replace Track and Trace websites. Terminal49 monitors containers for you and alerts you of changes.
  • Search and filter Containers by status, custom tags and your own internal references.
  • Collaborate with your entire team and get access to valuable journey insights.
  • Receive alerts and daily digest emails to help you stay on top of your workload.
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Discover a better way to track and manage your containers.

Customers love Terminal49.

Here's what some of our customers say about us.
Yusuke Abe
Before, our supplier's ETAs were never reliable. With Terminal49, we get more accurate ETAs and information we can rely on.
Steen Astrup
Terminal49 gives our entire company excellent visibility over shipments on the water, and gives us great historical performance statistics which we can use in future negotiations with liners.
Christopher Wall
Terminal49’s API gives us the visibility data we need in a modern, developer-friendly package.
Brian Glick
Experienced developers can build a complete container tracking app with only a few hours of coding. And using Terminal49's Chain.io integration, companies can feed updates directly into their TMS without having to code at all."

Who is Terminal49 for?

Terminal49's Ocean Freight Visibility Platform helps shippers and service providers automate their workflows while saving time and money.

Global Shippers

Importers, Exporters and Beneficial Cargo Owners.

  • Get your containers delivered faster with better container visibility and exception handling dashboard.
  • Reduce transportation cost by eliminating demurrage and per-diem charges.
  • Give your operations team their time back so they can work on higher importance task that make your business more successful.

Service Providers

Freight forwarders, customers brokers, 3PLs and logistics technology companies.

  • Digitize and automate your workflow by eliminating manual tasks.
  • Know which containers and problematic and respond faster to issues.
  • Increase operational efficiency and manage more containers per person.

A better way to track containers.

  • Eliminate demurrage, per-diem and expedite containers.
  • Integrate data into your own system using a modern container tracking API.
  • One tool for shipment and container tracking across all major ocean carriers and U.S. Terminals.
  • SKU-Level shipment visibility.

Covers 97% of Global Container Traffic

Terminal49 API has data coverage for all major steamship lines and every port and terminal in the USA, so you can rest assured the data we show you is fresh from the source.

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Accuracy Guaranteed

We guarantee 99.5% uptime for our API, and that the data we send you will be fresh: no older than 6 hours for data from steamship lines, and no older that 2 hours for terminals data.

Technology-first logistics.

Terminal49 began as a drayage company. After moving 20k containers over our first couple of years, we built visibility technology to help us eliminate per diems and demurrage charges.

Today, we focus on the technology, opening the platform we built to other logistics startups and companies.

Experience a better way to track and manage your containers.