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Our mission is Simplify & Automate Global Trade

We built Terminal49's software to help simplify and automate our own drayage operations. Now we're on a mission to do the same for global trade.

  • $8M+

    Funds raised from top Silicon Valley investors.

  • 7 years

    In business and going strong.

  • 5M+

    Containers tracked.

Our values

Tracking containers everyday

Take Extreme Ownership.

Demonstrating extreme ownership is about taking responsibility to do the right thing -- even if it means we look bad in front of you. We will uncover the root cause of our mistake and resolve them.

Be Candid & Respectful.

We believe in open and direct communication delivered with respect and compassion.

And we hope to receive the same from you.

Be Humble.

Our team is competent and eager to learn. We are here because we want to use our knowledge and skills to help you. And a major component of achieving this goal is. listening.

As H. Jackson Brown Jr. said: “Every person that you meet knows something you don't; learn from them.”

Challenge the Status Quo.

Logistics has not fundamentally changed over the past 60 years - except, perhaps, moving beyond snail mail to e-mail.

Each one of us at Terminal49 is comfortable asking why. Why do we do the things we do? How we can improve the status quo?


Our Start

In August 2015, Philipp and Akshay walked into the offices of a trucking company, seeking feedback on a prototype for an online trucking tool.

The feedback came swiftly: they hadn't built something useful. But they did learn about the struggles of the industry, the processes of moving a container from the port to the warehouse and onto a truck.

One of their interviewees, Bill Aboudi of AB Trucking, was excited to have two software engineers seeking problems to solve. So he offered them space to work out of his office so they could learn whatever they could learn.

The next morning, Akshay and Phillip showed up with a determination to solve a real problem for a real business. They grabbed a seat and started building what became the first version of Terminal49.

Our Growth

Since then, we've raised money from some of the most respected investors in Silicon Valley.

Since then, we've raised money from some of the most respected investors in Silicon Valley. We've attracted all types of customers from around the world, from shippers looking to streamline their shipping supply chain, to customs brokers, 3PLs, and freight forwarders keen to deliver the best visibility possible to their clients, to other logistics tech companies looking to offer better tools to the industry.

Our crew

Meet our leadership team

Akshay Dodeja

Akshay Dodeja

Founder & CEO
Matt Turner

Matt Turner

Co-Founder & Lead Engineer