Tracking API for Container & U.S. Terminal Data

Real-time shipment tracking API for  shipments and containers, direct from steamship lines and US Terminals, with one, easy integration. 

Eliminate manual data entry of Container & US Terminal Data

Bring up-to-date and accurate data into your internal systems, eliminating error-prone and expensive manual data entry for over 97% of US imports by volume.

Stop Tracking and Tracing Containers at Carrier and Terminal Websites

Integrate your software using Terminal49's API to automate this time-intensive task.

Dependable Terminal Data for all your containers

Terminal49's API provides comprehensive data needed for logistics operations at port, including Holds, Fees and Last Free Day.

Tracking for over 97% of Container Traffic Worldwide.

Terminal49 API has data coverage for all major steamship lines and every port and terminal in the USA, so you can rest assured the data we show you is fresh from the source.

See list of supported steamship lines →

Complete Container Tracking with one API

Shipment Manifest Data

Port of lading, port of unlading, shipping line details, final destination, vessel, voyage, list of container numbers and types.

Container Milestone Data

All milestones such as empty-out, full-in, vessel loaded, vessel discharged, vessel arrived, full out, empty returned and more

Terminal Availability Data

Terminal FIRMS code, Last Free Day, Holds, Fees, Assessorials required, Yard Location, pickup status, etc

See a complete list of data available via Terminal 49 's API.

Accurate Data and Availability. Guaranteed.

We guarantee 99.5% uptime for our API, and that the data we send you will be fresh: no older than 6 hours for data from steamship lines, and no older that 2 hours for terminals data.

Normalized & Enriched Data in a Standardized Schema

Terminal49's API provides data in a clean, standardized JSON format, making it easy for your application to support all US terminals and all major steamship lines with one code base.

Learn more about our data schema in our API Documentation.

Integrate Quickly with Our Development Tools

Our Developer Portal helps you test, monitor and debug your code, keeping track of all the requests you've made, webhooks you've registered, and notifications we've sent - which you can manually re-trigger.

No More Polling with Push-based API

Our modern, push-based API sends webhook updates to your software when anything changes, such as milestones being reached, ETAs changing, or new data becoming available.

Learn how we use webhooks in our API docs, here.

A Technology-first Logistics Company

Terminal49 began as a drayage company. After moving 20k containers over our first couple of years, we built visibility technology to help us eliminate per diems and demurrage charges.

Today, we focus on the technology, opening the platform we built to other logistics startups and companies.

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