Ever wondered why supply chain visibility seems to always fall short of expectations? What does visibility mean, anyway? And why do most companies still struggle to adopt new technologies that are supposed to help them make more money?

I recently sat down with Sarah Barnes to record a session on her podcast, Let's Talk Supply Chain. The podcast is out and you can listen below, or find it Apple and other places (links below).  

In this wide ranging interview on let’s talk Supply Chain, a top ranked logistics podcast, I covers all these topics and more, demystifying what visibility really means and how the real secret to success might actually lie in software that tries to do less—  but do it better.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [1.00] Terminal 49’s origin story
  • [15.25] Why visibility is a challenge in supply chain
  • [20.10] Successful examples of using Terminal 49’s dashboard
  • [31.34] Advice for people who want to get into supply chain tech
  • [33.59] The future of Terminal 49

Over the next few weeks we’ll be following up on many of these topics, going deeper with more details in the case studies mentioned and more.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this conversation and insight into how we think about building truly useful tools for our customers.

Thanks to Sarah for a great interview! A lightly-edited transcript of the conversation is below (coming soon).

Other places where you can find this episode:  
Apple iTunes | Spotify | Let's Talk Supply Chain