Tracking your shipments through multiple portals and websites creates the obstacle of inconsistencies. Sure, dissimilar track and trace applications can be helpful, but at a cost on your finite resources.

Enter: Terminal 49's track and trace feature, where you can harmonize your visibility data on a single platform.

Why is our tracking software better than the rest?

We track the right milestones. American Shipper's study A Clear View of Supply Chain showed that 63% of their respondents track five or more visibility milestones, however, 72% say no more than five milestones are critical. This means, your competition is tracking a lot of imprudent milestones.

Alternatively, Terminal 49 will show you the most recent, relevant, and actionable data points: the origin, destination, ETA/ATA, and list of containers. Stop using visibility software that creates copious amounts of data. Start tracking the information that can result in action, today.

Supported Shiplines

  • APL — American President Lines (APLU)
  • Cosco (COSU)
  • Evergreen (EGLV)
  • Hamburg Süd (SUDU)
  • Hapag-Lloyd (HLCU)
  • HMM — Hyundai Merchant Marine (HDMU)
  • Maersk (MAEU)
  • Matson (MATS)
  • MSC — Mediterranean Shipping Line (MSCU)
  • ONE — Ocean Network Express (ONEY)
  • OOCL — Orient Oversees Container Line (OOLU)
  • PIL — Pacific International Line (PCIU)
  • Sealand (SEAL)
  • Yang Ming (YMLU)
  • Zim Lines (ZIMU)