There are plenty of online tools that allow customers to track shipments. Each carrier has its own system that customers can log onto in order to gain visibility on the status of containers. But what if you have hundreds of containers, traveling on different carrier lines, arriving at different ports, at different times? Keeping track of multiple containers is time-consuming. Failing to plan for delays and properly synchronize container pickups in port (once the ocean vessel offloads your container) adds unnecessary expenses.

Information aggregation services like Terminal-49 make it easy to instantly identify where your containers are, anywhere in the world, at any moment. The Terminal49 dashboard puts all of your container information in one spot – eliminating the need to log onto multiple tracking applications.

Terminal Dashboard

Terminal49’s consolidated view keeps track of the following Container Milestones across the supply chain. With one click, Terminal49 tells customers:

1. When containers are loaded onto a ship at the port of origin;

2. When the vessel carrying containers departs the port of origin;

3. When the vessel arrives at an interim port (T/S or Trans-Shipment) along the journey;

4. When the vessel departs the port of Trans-Shipment (there can be multiple interim ports);

5. When the vessel carrying the container arrives at the port of destination;

6. When containers are pending customs clearance;

7. When containers have cleared customs;

8. When containers are staged at the port – awaiting pickup, via truck or rail;

9. When containers have left the port via truck or rail;

10. When the container is expected to arrive at the shipper;

11. When the consignee is in possession of the shipment.

Terminal49 provides email updates with detailed information for each stage in the supply chain. Customers can set up proactive notifications each time one of their containers reaches a milestone. This visibility enables customers to:

  • Better manage their supply chain;
  • Save time from having to call different shipping carriers for updates;
  • Learn (as soon as possible) about delays at ports (of origin, Trans-Shipment and destination).

In the event of delays, Terminal49 provides the information customers need to implement contingency plans, allocate resources, and better shape their own customer’s expectations.

This visibility helps customers make informed & efficient decisions that not only save money but also bring peace of mind to the shipping process. To learn more or to start tracking containers today, visit: