All of the posts on this blog discuss the value of data in the supply chain – typically in the form of saving time & money by using data to synchronize different links across the chain.

The last two years have seen enormous changes (around the globe) that are establishing a “New Normal” in the supply chain. It’s not just increased demand for products from COVID-related issues (shifting consumer spending from experiences towards manufactured goods). It’s also not just because of capacity constraints (labor shortages that delay a port’s ability to offload cargo ships). Today’s new normal includes ever-expanding compliance issues, as governments, investors & consumers demand visibility across every link of the supply chain.

Much of this has to do with environmental questions and the quest to reach net-zero emissions for transportation. Other aspects involve ESG (Environmental Social & Corporate Governance) concerns and ethical sourcing measures that seek to prevent corporate funds from inadvertently supporting unethical behavior. Regardless of the reasons – the trends are clear:  regulations (such as the European Union Mandatory Due Diligence Directive and the ESG Disclosure Standards in the US) are expanding to the point where any shipper would be well served by using a robust supply chain tracking solution, such as Terminal49.

Terminal49 is a powerful software platform that brings visibility, collaboration and automation to the shipping process. Terminal49’s software automatically pulls key pieces of information from each stage of a container's journey – making it easy for various constituents (customers, service providers, freight forwarders or 3PLs) to gain visibility on the whereabouts of their cargo, regardless of where it is in the supply chain.

Terminal49’s technology helps customers get ahead of critical issues and prevent unplanned or excessive fees in the event of delays. The software prevents users from having to track down information or chase people for updates. The visibility provided by Terminal49 gives users valuable time that can be focused on other parts of the business.

Making informed decisions in the shipping business today is more important than ever. Supply lines remain congested. Elevated ocean traffic is not expected to “normalize” for months.  Rising inflation increases fuel & transportation costs. On top of all this – companies shouldn’t have to worry about paying fines for failing to address compliance requirements.

How can shipping companies navigate the Supply Chain’s “New Normal”?  The answer is with better data & information.

Terminal49 offers the visibility needed to make transparent supply chains a point of strength as opposed to an unknown area of risk.  To learn more or to start tracking containers today, visit: