80% of the world’s cargo travels along just 20% of the world’s ocean routes.  Today, traffic along the busiest lanes is 40% higher than it was just 6 months ago.  It appears to be “rush hour” every hour on the high seas, and the traffic jams aren’t expected to clear up anytime soon.

Delays on the ocean create a cascade of ripple effects that slow the supply chain in multiple ways.  How many interim ports does my cargo ship stop at?  When do my containers approach their final port?  Does the ship have to anchor at sea for days before it can be unloaded? Are there any customs holds?  Once unloaded, are trucks available (and scheduled) to take cargo through the next link in the supply chain?  If not, do I need to rent a temporary warehouse to hold my cargo?  Right now, in Southern California, there are almost 80 containers awaiting pickup for every one (1) truck available to transport them.

Ripple effects like these increase costs (and stress) for moving every single container.  Imagine needing to coordinate delivery for hundreds of containers.  Customers need a solid plan to address contingencies. Planning requires data – the type of data and visibility that Terminal49 provides.

Terminal49 is a powerful software platform that gathers and consolidates data from more than 50 steamship lines and terminals. The software organizes all the relevant data into a single dashboard that can integrate into any tracking system. Terminal49 makes it easy to search for containers on the ocean or in ports and instantly identify where they are, regardless of which steamship line they’re traveling on.

Terminal49 provides real-time information that increases visibility and eliminates the hassles that come with having to find updates on individual shipper’s track & trace websites. Users can consume the data on Terminal49’s dashboard, in their own tracking system via API, or via daily digest emails that offer the most important and actionable information on container status. The platform is flexible and adaptable to the needs of companies at all points in the supply chain.

For today’s supply chain, tracking shipping containers from point A to Point B is more important than ever.  When it comes to tracking, it all starts on the ocean, because delays here can create a wave of ripple effects that cause further delays down the line. Terminal49 keeps users informed at every stage of the process - providing the visibility needed to manage a supply chain from start to finish. To learn more or to start tracking containers today, visit: https://app.terminal49.com/register.